MCQs in Food Engineering & Technology - A Complete Book for Competitive Exam PDF

A Competitive Book for ICAR-JRF PDF


Food Engineering & Technology MCQs (1000+) for ICAR-JRF, BHU, Pre-PG, IBPS-SO/AFO, IFFCO, NSC, CCI, Agriculture Supervisor All Agriculture Competitive Exams

❁ No of MCQ: 1000+
❁ File Type: PDF
❁ Downloadable: Yes

Topic Covered
• Characteristics and Composition of Food
• Water, Carbohydrates and Dietary Fibre
• Fats, Trans-fats, Proteins, Amino acids, Vitamins, Minerals
• Effect of Food Processing on Nutrition and Food Safety and Food Contamination and Hazards
• Food Adulteration, Additives and Food Packaging and Labeling
• Regulations and Labelling Requirement and Food Processing
• Fruits, Vegetables and Milk Processing, Meat Processing and Oil Processing
• Grain Milling, Tea and Coffee Processing and Spices and Condiments
• Food Processing Techniques, Fluid Mechanics and Rheology of Foods
• Heat Transfer by Conduction, Convection and Radiation
• Heat Transfer Equipment, Microwave Heating, Evaporation, Diffusion and Mass Transfer and Dehydration
• Equilibrium Stage Operations, Unit Operations – Extraction, Crystallization and Filteration
• Sedimentation and Centrifuge, Mixing, Size Reduction and Separation and Material Handling and Transportation
• Food Preservation, Principles of Fresh Food Storage, Principles of Refrigerated Gas Storage of Foods and Principles of Food Freezing
• Principles of Food Preservation by Canning and Drying and Principles of Food Concentrates
• Principles of Semi-Moist Foods, Principles of Food Preservation by Fermentation, Principles of Food Pickling and Curing and Principles of Food Storage Stability
• Principles of Chemical Preservation of Food, Principles of Food Irradiation and Food Quality factors

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